Are you proud to be human? We hope so. You can be seen to be part of the Save The Human campaign – so that you and your business are known for authenticity and your authentic personality and humanity. You’re not fake news or artificial. You can stay that way if you work with babelMonkey and are UnAIded by AI.

Earn the Save The Human stamp of approval and work with us, unAIded!

All our services and client liaison come with face-to-face contact and direct use of updates/conversations by telephone, online, WhatsApp, and so on. We are UK-based, so we will come and meet you, or you can come and meet us. In between, Zoom and similar means of contact are fine, but we are real humans and want to work with and meet other actual humans.

Our services include the packages we have been known for, for years. That means Social Media Management; Social Media for Business Training; Evergreen Content Planning and Writing; Blog Management; Email Marketing; and Copywriting.

In addition, reflecting our determination to Save The Human, we will offer workshops on topics such as Spot the AI; Defy the AI; Humans First; How Not To Do Social Media; Putting the I in AI; In search of Authenticity; and Storytelling For Humans. We will also offer personal, one-to-one Power Hours topics, including Spot the AI, Humans First, and Success UnAIded by AI.

A key service babelMonkey provides is ‘Active Social Media Management’. This is run by actual humans – people you like, know and trust, and who you can meet, running your social media.

We are introducing new ‘Save The Human’ versions of our popular Evergreen social media output, which will offer additional benefits such as incorporating seasonal social media headers and email signatures and blocks of time where platforms are actively managed to promote seasonal messages or if you have a particular product or service you want promoting. As with all babelMonkey products and services, these are run and maintained by human connections with the client and by finding and articulating the authentic ‘voice’ of the client.

Our copywriting service is unchanged, but again, it is being written for you by humans, without pushing keywords through an AI portal to generate text that seems to be good enough to publish but which isn’t based on a true, human understanding of you, the client. Thus, the copy we write takes into account the time we’ve spent getting to know you and your voice so that we can accurately portray it for you, unAIded.

AI platforms have their uses in delivering frameworks and ideas for content; we acknowledge this. However, if a business is trying to maintain an honest and open relationship with its customers, it is essential to provide content with heart and a human-driven voice. None of us enjoys being duped, and delivering AI-generated content misses the point of producing content in the first place: human connection. Let AI remain the tool – you still need a craftsperson to show their artistry. That’s where you get that ‘something special’ that differentiates you.

#SaveTheHuman with unAIded content.