AI – Can Artificial Intelligence Ever Be Artificial Imagination?

Save the Human is a campaign founded by me a few weeks ago in response to the sudden furore around the rise of artificial intelligence programmes, particularly ChatGPT. For some, AI seems to have burst onto the scene, but we've all been using AI for a long time. Alexa, Siri, etc., are all examples of [...]

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Save the Human – New UnAIded Services

Are you proud to be human? We hope so. You can be seen to be part of the Save The Human campaign – so that you and your business are known for authenticity and your authentic personality and humanity. You’re not fake news or artificial. You can stay that way if you work with babelMonkey [...]

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Introducing the Save The Human Campaign

In 2023 and beyond, we face the immediate opportunities and threats posed by the rapid rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI). AI hasn’t risen by itself; there are many, many humans and some huge corporations behind it. Rather like the Industrial Revolution, it will bring benefits, or so it is being claimed. The AI news agenda [...]

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